The definition of Juel & Krøyer TeroTech is deeply rooted in the key elements that have been the driver since Christian Juel and Martin Krøyer founded the original company Juel & Krøyer ApS:

  • Joy
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Development

JK TeroTech’s DNA are defined by these key elements and our culture shall facilitate these elements. In all that we do, we need create value and continue moving ourselves and our clients to the next level within maintenance.

The ability to challenge and develop is what differentiates Juel & Krøyer from others and the fundamental key to the evolvement from a start-up company to a consolidated advisory and service company.

From the start, it has been a fundamental requirement that social skills go hand in hand with the technical skills in every employment, and it is thus also the two areas, which are in focus in when defining our DNA. Our values and WHY have been defined by our employees and constitutes our strongest promise to ourselves and our clients (More info in the column).

The driver behind our quality, technical development and deliverables are illustrated by Juel & Krøyer’s technical vision… the road to maintenance excellence.